Love Talks is a podcast sharing stories from around the world about what people  are doing to create love in their lives. 



Love Talks was created with the intention to connect people around the world who believe in the power of love.

There are billions of humans living their lives creating kindness and guided by the Golden Rule. Although our current media is conditioned to tell us a different story, we have the ability to shift this reality like never before in history. Through a simple story that you can hear, our lives are altered. 

Love Talks is not about romantic love, its about the love we share through our work, our passion projects, and all the ways we connect to our soul's purpose. 

Love is a choice. Love is something we create. Love is the purpose of life. Love Talks invites you to have hope and live a passionate life. It takes courage to have love, may you be brave. Here are stories of brave humans who choose love. 


Why Love Talks
Anna Van Tol wanted to create a place that people can hear and share stories about what's good in the world . And  to leave people inspired anytime and every time you listen or share a Love Talk.Peaple, we all know people need love in all kinds of ways.  


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Love Talks would love to hear your pitch and share your story of what you do create love in your life.
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